Helicopter Operations
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Helicopter Operations

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Western Canada
Tel +1 780 429 6900
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Eastern Canada
Tel +1 800 303 7148
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Atlantic Canada
Tel +1 709 686 2095
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International Military Support
Tel +1 780 429 6950
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Canadian Helicopters has a large fleet of helicopters throughout Canada. We support a variety of demanding industries including oil & gas/mineral exploration, military support, hydro/utilities, forest management, construction, air ambulance, and search & rescue.

We specialize in the transporting of personnel and cargo to remote locations, conducting offshore seismic surveys, aerial lift in support of construction projects, forest fire suppression activities, and support for high voltage transmission line projects.

Our pilots and maintenance teams are passionate about ensuring the safety of all personnel and contributing to the successful completion of all projects.

Transporting our clients safely and responsibly is our number one mission. It’s why we support our flight operations with exceptional helicopter maintenance support and provide extensive training opportunities to our crew, including twin engine flight simulation training.