Safety & Quality Program
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Safety & Quality Program

Safety & Quality Dept.

Shawn Cruickshank
Vice President, Safety & Quality
Tel +1 780 429 6930
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Through the use of clear policy objectives, sound organizational structures, tested tools and wide-spread safety promotion, we integrate our safety philosophy with our proven operational expertise to ensure that all who fly with us benefit from a strong safety culture.

Senior management commitment to safety is the driving force behind our safety culture. Our Safety Program is administered at the senior management level providing each department with the experience and authority to administer company safety programs effectively and provide enhanced safety awareness within the organization.

Components of our Safety & Quality Program include:

  • Autonomous Safety & Quality structure, including:
    1. Flight Safety Department
    2. Flight Standards Department
    3. Quality Assurance Department
    4. Empowered safety committee(s)
  • Comprehensive company manuals, including:
    1. HSE Health, Safety & Environment Manual
    2. Safety Management System
    3. ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Quality Management System
    4. Flight Operations Manual
    5. Maintenance Control Manual
  • Crew training programs that exceed Transport Canada’s requirements, including:
    1. Crew Resource Management Training
    2. Advanced Human Factors Training
    3. Pilot Decision Making Training
    4. H2S Awareness Training
    5. Comprehensive Hazard Identification Program
    6. Non-Punitive Reporting Policy
    7. Frequent Internal and External Audits