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Military Support


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Canadian Helicopters provides helicopter transportation services to military operations, both within Canada and abroad. Examples of types of service include transporting cargo and fuel to North Warning defence radar sites in Canada’s Arctic to transporting military personnel and materiel ‘behind the wire’ in Afghanistan.

Canadian Helicopters provides highly reliable and responsive service in some of the most austere and challenging operating environments. Our successes can be attributed to strict hiring standards, comprehensive training and safety programs, as well as a fleet suitable for the environment.

We are available to work in various regions around the globe, with a relatively short lead-time.

Examples of recent/on-going work include:

USTRANSCOM, Afghanistan

Canadian Helicopters provided helicopter support services to the US Department of Defence in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2014. We provided Bell 212 and Sikorsky S61N helicopters for the transportation of passengers, Class I to X supplies, and mail to Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) throughout the Area of Operations. The aircraft were supplied with full support including pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers, loadmasters/ground crew, administration and logistics support.

USTRANSCOM, North Warning System, Canada

We supply medium lift Bell 212 helicopters in support of passenger, cargo and fuel transportation for the North Warning System long range and short range radar sites in Canada’s high arctic. The work is logistically and environmentally challenging with operations in highly remote areas with rapidly changing weather systems and temperature extremes. Canadian Helicopters has been providing helicopter transportation services to the US Air Force in support of the North Warning System since 1994.