Safety & Quality Achievements
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Safety & Quality Achievements

Safety & Quality Dept.

Shawn Cruickshank
Vice President, Safety & Quality
Tel +1 780 429 6930
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Our safety performance is worlds apart, and is a result of our comprehensive safety, training and occupational health programs.
Each year we are successfully audited by a wide range of clients reviewing all aspects of our operations. We welcome these independent safety and technical audits – with our commitment to continuous improvement we constantly incorporate audit results into our operational framework.

Canadian Helicopters is proud to be recognized by a number of safety / quality related programs:

  • HAI Platinum Program of Safety – Canadian Helicopters has been recognized by Helicopter Association International’s ‘Platinum Program of Safety’; awarded based on Canadian’s commitment to the best industry practices in aviation safety.
  • COR – Comprehensive Safety Audits conducted on behalf of ENFORM, the Government of Alberta and WorkSafe BC and in conjunction with the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program awarded Canadian Helicopters with Certificates of Recognition (COR) indicating acceptance of Canadian’s high standard of safety in operations.