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March 24, 2020 – Canadian Helicopters and its partner companies have taken strong action against COVID-19. The company has briefed its employees on safe health practices and is keeping its employees current on relevant and credible information. We have taken steps to minimize the risk of infection to our employees, customers and the general public in all provinces and territories and at our international locations. We have imposed safe distance and good hygiene practices at our facilities including the incorporation of enhanced steps at larger facilities with more employees. We have also put in place cleanliness and sanitation practices on touch points on the aircraft and at base locations for the benefit of our employees and customers. In addition, C-19 barriers have been installed in our light aircraft (206L, 407, AS350/355) to provide a protective barrier between the pilot and the passenger cabin. The barrier can also isolate up to 2 passengers in the passenger cabin.

We do hope that this ends as quickly as possible so that the infection is minimized and those infected recover and that we can get back to our normal lives.

Please note that helicopter transportation services and related flight crew are regulated by federal legislation and are considered essential by Transport Canada.

Please practice safe distancing and stay healthy.